7 Ways to Manage Moving Stress

The 2021 moving season has called for flexibility and — when possible — advance booking. We know that hasn’t always been easy. 

Given people move for many reasons — both happy and sad — it stands to reason stress and a wide array of other emotions are involved. As moving industry veterans who have been on the receiving end of the very same experience, we’d like to offer tips to help get you through the process and prepare you for the next chapter in your life. 

1 – Start early 

Be sure to book your move as far in advance as you possibly can (at least eight weeks is recommended). Not only will this help secure your preferred move date, it will carve out time to tackle your move checklist in digestible steps. What’s more, you can use the time to sift through, sell and donate unwanted goods so you’re not paying to move items you don’t really need.

2 – Carve out a peaceful retreat 

When you’re packing and unpacking, your home can feel cluttered — even chaotic. It’s important to have a peaceful respite where you can unwind and detach from the mayhem. Whether it’s your patio, reading room or a basement nook, having a spot to meditate, reflect or straight-up unwind is key.

3 – Have self-care items handy 

When you’re feeling overwhelmed, it’s easy to forget to care for yourself. Be sure you set aside some items that promote mindfulness, relaxation and self-care. Whether you enjoy having an at-home spa experience, literature, painting or playing music, having a few favorite items to turn to during downtime has a calming effect.  

4 – Ask for help 

It‘s rare that work deadlines, carpooling kids and household responsibilities can be put on hold — even when you’re moving. It’s okay to admit when you need a hand and to ask for help from friends and family — even your manager. Having assistance with packing, unpacking or babysitting kids gives you dedicated time to accomplish what you need to do. 

5 – Keep essential documents together and accessible 

The last thing you want to do in the middle of moving is dig through packed boxes. Be sure to gather your important documents — from mortgage and lease paperwork to passports and signed moving agreements — putting them in a folder or file you can easily access. 

6 – Get to know your neighborhood 

Recognizing there is a light at the end of the tunnel is important for your psyche. Take some time to make a list of places you want to go and things you want to do in your new neighborhood. That way, you’ll keep your eye on the proverbial prize.   

7 – Allow time for goodbyes 

Memories were made and friendships forged at your soon-to-be former address. Getting closure by visiting your favorite spots or friends ties up loose ends and readies you for the new beginning that lies ahead.  

As hard as the process can be, we’re here to move you so you can continue your journey in a new home. Be sure to check out our blog for great moving tips and advice. Want to learn more about booking with United Van Lines? We’re here to help. 

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